An idea, a trademark, a patent

T-self is a 100% Italian patent born from an idea and a collaboration with several companies in the Prato area. The companies involved are

Packaging t-shirt scrivibili

The idea 

T-self is the new idea of a talking t-shirt.

You only need one marker and you can write what you want. 

If you want to erase it, a simple damp cloth and you can start again.

Do you feel sunny? happy? Express yourself as you like and customize your T-shirt. You can also let other people write thanks to the marker pen provided in the visible loop on the t-shirt.

Strategic partners


JoyVenture is the company with the skills to start up di commercio elettronico. Founded in 2017 has increased the turnover of companies already online and has created more companies still online and followed. A new business, a digital-oriented strategic partner updated on trends, evolutions, and opportunities offered by new local and global markets. If you have something to sell online, but don't know how and where to start, or are not satisfied with the result, then JoyVenture is the e-commerce company for you.


Pure e-commerce company founded in 2014. 
A dynamic staff that likes their work, so much so that they can work effortlessly and with such enthusiasm to allow customers to take advantage not only of excellent products but also of dedicated assistance to solve any problem or doubt of an online purchase, whether it is the choice of a mattress, a slatted frame, a furnishing table or simply a suitable pillow.


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