1.General terms and conditions of sale 

Shop with joy, our primary goal towards the customer

Our staff is always available and traceable, 24 hours a day by email or telephone, during office hours from 9.00 am to 6.30 pm (all day) to assist you in all phases of your purchase.

We will be prepared to answer all your questions, to recommend the best product for you, or to answer the most classic information about deliveries and payments in the simplest and clearest way.

These general conditions govern the sales relationship between JoyShop and the buyer.

2. How to conclude the contract

The sales contract between JoyShop and the Customer is to be considered concluded at the moment in which:

JoyShop, following an order of the customer ("the order or orders"), will have transmitted to the latter an informative email indicating the status of the order

JoyShop, following the receipt of an Order from the Customer, will have consequently implemented the contractual relationship by shipping products, as defined below, under the conditions set out below.

Without prejudice to the above JoyShop reserves the right to communicate to the customer within 1 working day after receipt of the order, any different conditions, in terms of quantity and time, on the basis of which the Seller is able to execute the Order itself

3. Payment

The payment of the consideration can be made:

PAYPAL: You can pay by paypal with your credit card

CREDIT CARDS: Directly from the website, safely and securely via Paypal's BrainTree

BANK TRANSFER: Available from any bank account, even online.

For more information you can consult the following page:


4. Modification, cancellation and order supplement

JoyShop reserves the right to evaluate any request for modification and / or cancellation and / or supplement of products related to orders placed by the Customer provided that such request is received by the Seller prior to the shipment of the products themselves. The acceptance by JoyShop of such requests, involves the debit to the customer of any additional costs incurred if the production of the Products in question has already started.

5. Terms and methods of delivery of the Products.

For information on deliveries we recommend you to read carefully the respective page: SHIPMENTS AND DELIVERIES

Warranty does not cover:

Deterioration due to normal wear and tear.

Damage due to improper use of the product.

Transport costs from the customer's home to the company headquarters and vice versa.

Replacement and/or repair of the product if not carefully packed for shipment.

Product with organic stains.

For information on WARRANTIES we recommend you to read carefully the respective page:


6. Privacy Policy

>> Privacy Guarantor

Pursuant to art.13 of Legislative Decree 30 June 2003 n. 196 "Code for the protection of personal data. and in relation to personal data concerning the Customer and which will be subject to processing (hereinafter referred to cumulatively as the "Data"), JoyShop, as Data Controller, pursuant to Article 4 of the Code, informs the Customer of the following facts and / or circumstances.

The processing is aimed at the performance by JoyShop of the activities necessary for the conclusion, management and execution of contracts for the sale of the Products. The processing is carried out with methods and procedures strictly necessary to provide the interested parties with the Products and information requested by them, can be carried out with the help of electronic or automated means, or even through the use of fax, mobile or fixed telephone, e-mail or other techniques of distance communication. The conferment of data is optional. In any case, it is understood that any refusal of the Customer to provide the Data will make it impossible to conclude or execute the relevant contracts for the sale of Products by JoyShop The Data may also be communicated to other parties and in particular to the company that may be responsible for transporting the Products. The data are not subject to disclosure. The Customer may exercise the specific rights conferred to the same under Article 7 of the Code.


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