The warranty on our t-shirts

The legal warranty is mandatory by law, is valid for two years from the delivery of the goods, is mandatory and can be asserted by the consumer directly against the seller if the consumer goods purchased have a lack of conformity with the contract of sale.

The legal warranty covers defects existing at the time of delivery, i.e. the original defects of the product that occur within 24 months, with the exclusion, therefore, of defects, occurred (e.g. due to use, lack, or poor maintenance, etc.).

The consumer must report the conformity defect to the seller as soon as possible and in any case within two months of discovery, by sending an email with a description and photo of the defective product to the address

In case of the above-mentioned defect, the consumer has the right to restore, without charge, the conformity of the goods by repair or replacement with a similar good or, in special cases, to a reduction of the price until the termination of the contract.

For purchases between companies (purchase with an invoice in the name of a company with VAT number) are applicable the general provisions of the Civil Code (art.1490 et seq.) which have a warranty of one year charged to the seller against "defects that make the goods unsuitable for use or reduce their value. In this case, the complaint must be made within eight days of the discovery of the defects, and the proof is always charged to the buyer.


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